Alan Muller
President and CEO

Effective April 20, 2010, Mr. Alan Muller was appointed to the positions of Director, Chair of the Board of Directors, President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and Principal Accounting Officer of the Company. Mr. Muller is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years experience in the public markets.



Lithium Supply

In North America, the Ford Motor Company has also been very vocal about securing long term lithium supplies, especially as the domestic auto industry does not want to replace a dependency on foreign oil with one on foreign lithium. “The industry needs to know where the lithium is going to come from. Are these countries friendly to the Western World?” says Charles Wu, a spokesperson for Ford Research. Even President Obama has expressed serious concerns about future lithium supplies. In a speech last summer he declared: “Switching Middle Eastern oil for foreign batteries is not an option.”